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What We Do

The Youth Homelessness Demonstration Project is an initiative by the Department of Housing and Urban Development to end youth homelessness. Dane County has been granted 2.5 million dollars to end youth homelessness. The Youth Action Board is at the heart of the YHDP project, working with the city staff and the community to ensure that youth homelessness is rare, brief, and non-recurring in our community. 

We are currently working to establish Madison's first 24-hour drop-in center, a system navigation project focused on youth and young adults, as well as the first joint transitional housing-rapid rehousing project for nonpregnant/parenting youth. Through identifying what our community lacks and needs, we aim to 

provide equitable, respectful and accessible assistance, health care, family care, shelter options and educational services, no matter who you are or how you go about seeking service.

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