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Youth Homelessness Demonstration Project

What is YHDP?

The Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program (YHDP)

is an innovative initiative funded by HUD to end youth homelessness! 


Madison/County has been awarded $2.5 million dollars to end youth homelessness within our community!

Core Components of YHDP

1. Use authentic youth collaboration to design the plan and programs that will be funded.

This put YAB at the decision making table! Our community took it a step further and truly empowered YAB to lead! 

2. A YHDP Core Team must work collaboratively to create a Coordinated Community Plan (CCP) to address and end youth homelessness. 

The YHDP Core Team consisted of YAB/HSC/CoC Members, Community Agencies, Service Providers, Non-Profits, Interested Committees, Community members, People with Lived Experiences, HUD Technical Assistance, and more partners than we can name. (See the CCP for full list!)

3. The Coordinated Community Plan must include programs that will be implemented with the YHDP funding. These must be new programs!

Our Community decided to fund these programs!

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