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Meet the YAB Members

At the DCYAB, we have an incredible team of youth activists who work to promote justice, advocacy and youth leadership!

We run on a flat leadership structure, meaning that we all share responsibilities, we all make decisions, and we are all leaders.  

We're proud to introduce you to our YAB Members!

YAB Spotlight! 

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Meet AMy - Yab Member since feb 2021

Hi all! I'm a high school senior at Vel Phillips Memorial High School and I'm also dual enrolled at UW-Madison. As the co-president of Memorial's Green Club and the Green Team Committee Leader of our school's largest volunteering club, I work to educate and provide more sustainable practices within our community. Outside, of school, I'm also involved in activism! I'm the social media director for Bleed Shamelessly, a grassroots organization dedicated to achieving menstrual equity and reproductive justice. I'm also a GameChanger for the Rape Crisis Center, where we advocate against sexual violence and intersecting oppressions. I'm passionate and proud of the work I get to do with the YAB and I truly hope to help people find a permanent home. 

Leadership specialties:

Fundraising + outreach 

Check back soon to meet our

next Spotlight Member!  

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Deja Mays

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Amy Yao

She/Her/Hers or They/Them/Theirs

Amy is a senior at Vel Phillips Memorial High School and dual-enrolled at UW. She's passionate about period poverty, intersecting oppressions, environmental justice, and ending youth homelessness. She has been a part of the YAB since February 2021 and is currently the Fundraising and Raising Awareness Committee Lead. They enjoy reading in their free time, and they're committed to providing equitable assistance to their community!

2022 headshot - RACHEL LITCHMAN.png

Rachel Litchman


Rachel is an artist, writer and advocate for disabled and homeless youth. Her advocacy is grounded in her own lived experience of homelessness as a teen. She works as a consultant for several organizations that address youth homelessness on a national level, including Youth Collaboratory and True Colors United. Outside of her homelessness work, she writes and draws comics! You can see them here.


Lilly Schoone


Lilly is a senior at UW Madison pursuing a BSE in the Elementary Education program, with a focus on Early Childhood Education/ESL. They are currently serving as the YAB Project Implementation Lead. They've lived in Wisconsin all their life, and moved to Madison for college about 3 years ago. They joined the YAB in July of 2022, after participating in a listening session hosted by the YAB. This empowered them to want to help make a difference for homeless youth & young adults in Dane County. They are very passionate about housing equity, educational access, and early childhood development. In their free time, Lilly enjoys creating art, grabbing treats from local coffee shops, and spending time with their two cats.


Arree Macon


Kelsey Johnson

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