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Meet the Yab Members

The YAB is made up of an incredible team of youth activists

who work to promote justice, advocacy and youth leadership!


The YAB runs on a flat leadership structure, meaning that

we all share responsibilities, we all make decisions, and we are all leaders.  

We're proud to introduce you to our YAB Members!

YAB Spotlight! 


Meet TamaYa - Yab Member since sept 2023

TaMaya is a bold and brave youth-leader, joining the YAB with experience organizing and strengthening many youth groups during her school years,

including co-forming the Sexual Violence at East High School.

She is fluent in both English and Spanish and acts as our bilingual

communications specialist, bridging gaps where the system fails to meet

the needs of those impacted by language barriers and translation inadequacies within our current youth system.

TaMaya never waivers from her fierce, honest and insightful dedication to serving young people authentically. She's always ready to try something new,

make a networking connection, or throw an event! 

Leadership specialties:

Social Networking and interpersonal 

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Each Yab Member holds a unique role in the group: themselves.

The Dane County YAB is made up of incredible young advocates and experts with varying perspectives, backgrounds, beliefs, experiences, skills, interests and styles. Each aspect of their identities is authentically valued and uplifted, creating an incredibly strong team dynamic! 

Yab Grads

These members left a lasting impact on the Youth Action Board. Their contributions during their membership will affect the future of our community and our YAB for
years to come! We are so thankful for their time with the yab! 

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