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System Navigation Referral 

Based on the information you entered, it is likely that the next best step to to connect to a System Navigation Program. 

System Navigation is the program in our community that acts as an entry point for homeless services and connects young people to housing programs, and in order to get connected to services you have to connect with them first. 

Luckily, the System Navigation Programs in our community are part of the YHDP Youth Initiative and their staff are experts in guiding young people to stability! They can also offer immediate help to address urgent needs! 

Let's Chat

Completing this form will send a referral to a System Navigation program staff person. They will work quickly to connect with the person identified in this form. Please enter only the information of a willing young person who is wanting to connect. Do not submit this form without first verifying it is okay with the young person. Doing so without consent is an adultisc and unacceptable break of privacy.

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