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Is the Young Person in Imminent Danger?

The Ask

How do you ask a young person if they are in danger?

  • Do you ever feel like you're in danger or feel unsafe?
  • How or How well do you know the people you are staying with?
  • Do you have control of your own money, housing or life?
  • Are there things going on inside your home that are stressful or scary?
  • Are there things going on inside your home that make it hard for you to feel safe or stable?
  • Do you have to do things that are uncomfortable in order to keep your housing? 
  • Does your housing stability depend on the mood or actions of others in your home?

If a person's situation falls under category 4 of fleeing domestic violence, then the answer is Yes, they are in danger.

If a young person has already disclosed the information needed to answer this question, it is not necessary to ask again or ask for more information.

The Answer

What to consider when answering: 

Again, consider the definitions of Cat. 4 to answer this question.​

Cat. 4- Fleeing Domestic Violence - Including youth in the following situations :

  • Trading sex for housing

  • Human trafficking

  • Physical abuse

  • Sexual abuse

  • Violence (or perceived threat of violence) because of their sexual orientation or gender identity

  • Emotional abuse (e.g. threats or intimidation)

  • Family conflict causing the youth to feel unsafe

  • Financial abuse (e.g. controlling income, identity theft to use credit)

  • Active drug/illegal substance use in youth’s housing

  • Gang or neighborhood violence that is directed at the youth in their home

  • Other illegal activity that is putting a youth or youth’s child at risk

** Remember, for youth fleeing Domestic Violence, it may not feel safe for the young person to return home, even if they don't directly disclose that to you. If they are seeking help, it is a situation that needs to be treated seriously and treated with validity to get them to the correct supports.

* Select Answer in the Corresponding Age Group *

(This helps us route you to age appropriate programs and services)

Answer NO; If the young person's situation does not fit these circumstances.

Answer YES; If the young person's situation is represented on the list above.

   Under the Age of 17.5             |            Between Ages of 17.5-24  

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