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Pre Assessment

Before beginning, please review the pre-assessment. 

These tips are important to ensuring that you are approaching this assessment with a Trauma Informed mentality. 

  1. Move at the Speed of Trust

Remember, these questions are sensitive and could be triggering. Don't attempt to pull more information, and instead use comprehensive and active listening. 

2.   Be a liberated Gate Keeper

Ensure the young person is feeling informed about why the questions are being asked, how their information will be used/ shared, and feels comfortable sharing this information.

3.   Recognize your own Preconceived Ideas

Everyone's experience is unique, and do not fit the stereotypes that are perpetuated subconsciously. The best way to support a young person is by recognizing that they are an individual person worthy of self-actualization, and opening your eyes to their situation. Many young people don't seek services because they don't even recognize the validity of their own experience. Help change that! 


                                           Adultism describes the systems of privileged attitudes and

                                            behaviors that adults have over those of young people. 

Adultism is driven by behaviors and attitudes that are based on the assumption that adults are better or know more than young people, and therefore entitles them to act upon or act on the behalf of a young person without their agreement.


Adultism in common language can sound like these phrases :
"You'll get it when you're older."  |  "You don't understand yet."  | "That's immature/
childish of you"  "Stay in a child's place."  | "Let the grown up's handle this." 


                                           Young Adults should have the freedom and agency to be the leaders in their

                                           own lives. Their Autonomy should be promoted as they make decisions about

                                            the issues that impact their lives! 



​By selecting "Start Assessment"I am certifying that;

  • I understand the above information and will do my best to use active listening, be a liberated gatekeeper, and avoid adultistic behavior.

  • I will listen to the young person and make the best fitting selections based on my understanding. 

  • I am ready to start!

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